A personal trainer will help you reach your goals by providing education about strength training along with accountability on nutrition. They give you that extra nudge when your mind shuts down and says to your body, “I cannot do anymore.” Personal trainers are there to celebrate your victories and also create a new game plan if there is a defeat. Have you ever asked your trainer, how can I help you train me better?

Here is how you can help your trainer:

Show up to your session on time with a positive attitude.  A client is filled with optimism that is contagious when they first sign up. They set a goal and they want to get there as quick as possible. In life you will have a bad day at work, or life just doesn’t seem to be going right. I suggest leaving all the stress at the door when you come to the gym. After all you have taken the first step and that is by showing up so now you can let your trainer assist you in what you need to do so you can feel 100% accomplished in your training session.

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