Those who play together stay together, you remember that quote? It was passed around in the early 90’s and can literally apply to anything in life including working out. Let’s face it when you start a workout program by yourself it can be intimidating and downright confusing on where to start, how to get the results you want and what needs to be done. When you are starting a new program, getting support is a great way to ensure that you end on the successful path. I am not saying that you cannot achieve results without having a cheerleader at your side, it can be done and those who do it alone have the self-discipline to make things happen. Having support from your significant other or spouse can make working out fun. Depending on how competitive you are, setting up a contest between the two of you might be an ideal motivator. Below I have listed a few areas a significant other or spouse can help your workout or meal plan. Continue reading

Yesterday, Omaha Weight Trainers with Endless Possibilities Training Systems, shared two reasons for eating even when you're not hungry.  Eating because we're bored or to fit in socially can put a huge dent into weight management, especially if we are attempting to achieve weight loss results. Today, we are going to share two additional reasons that people will eat even when they are not hungry. Remember to listen to your body and educate yourself on why you are eating.  Continue reading

Omaha Weight Trainers, as well as, our clients have experienced the benefits certain types of foods. Most of us know it isn’t always about the type of food you’re eating; it’s also about why you’re eating. Overeating, eating because you’re bored or eating to fit in socially, are some of the major reasons of weight gain for men and women. If weight gain is not managed or reduced it can lead to obesity. Let’s not forget about the children. Kids will pick up on parents’ habits as well as what society recommends. As a parent or sibling, if you are filling your body with sugar loaded sodas and fast food meals your kids will want to follow your lead. When we eat essentially we are fueling our body which is needed to perform our best, however, not giving your body what it needs can lead to no satisfaction of appetite which results in eating more as your body is trying to get it’s fix. Make a habit of listening to what your body is asking for. Understand how your body processes certain foods.

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