A Client for Life by Kurt Pohlmann at EPTS

November 14, 2012

In the journey of weight loss results start at home! Its starts with ensuring you have the correct support system with spouses, family and friends. Losing weight is NOT easy! There is a level of dedication and commitment that is required not only for the person looking to lose weight but those around you. Today, we would like to share a success story that started with a mother of three feeling defeated by depression! While several people struggle with losing weight, Jeanna White took charge of her life with Kurt, Co-Owner of Endless Possibilities Training Systems. We invite you to read Jeanna and Kurt Whites journey below.

The Awakening of Jeanna White

“When I look back on March of 2011 it is bittersweet. I had three healthy boys, one just born in January and I was absolutely in love with everything about my life, except for my weight. I had always been petite and athletic weighing between 105 and 115 lbs. on a 5”3 frame before having children. After having my third I was weighing in at around 185 lbs. I was depressed and didn’t even want my husband, who has a freakishly amazing metabolism, to look at me. I didn’t want to take my kids to the pool, I didn’t have the energy to keep up with my job, school, and kids and I was completely exhausted all of the time. I was always “too tired and too busy to work out.” Finally, after a typical day of having nothing to wear but maternity clothes, I decided to look up a personal trainer online.

I discovered “Endless Possibilities Training Systems” and liked what I was reading. They were different. Their gym was clean and not overly busy, and the trainers were educated and experienced. I did not think my husband would allow me to do it, so I sucked up my pride and begged! I was surprised how supportive he was. He said he would like to get in better shape too and we went in for a consultation.

Upon meeting Kurt Pohlmann, we were confident we were on the right track. He was easy going, friendly, he answered all of our questions, and we set goals right then and there and got to work.”

Kurt White’s Strength Training Journey!

“I cannot personally speak for Kurt (my husband, not the trainer ) but I will say what I observed and what he would tell me. After his first session he was so exhausted that he couldn’t even make it through (and I thought I was the one who was out of shape!) He really enjoyed his workouts and Kurt’s (the trainer’s) company. We of course got a kick out of the fact that they share the same name. Kurt was able to challenge him and get him in the best shape he has ever been in. He had always been called “skinny” and that is no longer the case! He looks healthy, he has much more muscle, and he looks HOT! I am super proud of his progress!”

Jeanna White’s Weight Loss Journey!

“Each week we set realistic weight goals. We worked around my hectic schedule and I came in 3 times per week doing workouts that were challenging but enjoyable! I loved the different exercises! It was never the same, boring workout. It was always something different but customized to my individual goals.

I was going to be a bridesmaid in a close friend’s wedding that June and had to fit in a size 12 dress. I was going to need to lose about 30 lbs. Kurt gave me a meal plan to follow as well as workouts to do on days that I was not at the gym. He tracked my progress and with his help, I hit that goal and was feeling really good about myself! So, good that I kept going! I was back in pre-pregnancy clothes and feeling better. I had lost the baby weight from the most recent baby, but still had 30 more lbs. to go to meet my goal weight. Within a year I had lost about 50 pounds and inches galore! 

I took a break for a few months after going back to work full-time and I stopped losing weight. I still needed that extra push. I hadn’t gained but I wasn’t at my goal yet and we picked up where we left off. Even after my last session, I was given a custom workout plan that I didn’t even ask for. He just cared enough about my fitness goals to write it all out-in chicken scratch – a very detailed plan to keep me going until I could make it back in. I will always look to Kurt and EPTS when I feel that I need that extra push (and with my hectic life a push is always helpful!). It helps to make that appointment to make time for YOU. Prior to EPTS I weighed 185lbs and my waist was an unbelievable 45 inches. I was at least a size 16 but just wore my maternity clothes. I am proud to say that 19 months later I am currently 122 lbs. and a size 4/5. I have been comfortably maintaining this weight for several months and WILL NEVER GO BACK! Kurt and I have made a dear friend in Kurt Pohlmann and we are forever grateful to him and EPTS!”
-Jeanna White

Conclusion: Call Kurt Pohlmann at Endless Possibilities Training Systems’ Today!

Do you and your spouse workout together? If so, what would you recommend for a newbie couple joining an Omaha Fitness Center? Contact #1 Personal Trainer, Kurt Pohlmann at EPTS! Kurt has been offering intermediate and advanced weight training programs for all ages, genders, skill levels and fitness levels. For over five years Kurt has assisted have MMA fighters, aspiring athletes, soldiers, corporate executives, gym warriors, housewives, students achieve all strength training and weight loss goals. Call Kurt Pohlmann today (402) 658-7368.