Be a Little Different Then the Normal

July 20, 2011

Within John Leyva’s article “Be a Little Different Then the Norm” he did a great job of explaining how positive it is to be a little different. He describes how natural excuse making comes for those who are not looking to become healthier. For example, people will say they can’t eat healthy as eating healthy is expensive but they will pay $100 for a haircut or handbag. And they will say they can’t afford a personal trainer however they will go out on the weekends party like a rock star spending all their money.

If your priorities are set and living a healthy lifestyle is on your list, eating healthy and setting goals will become second nature. You will master discipline by heading to the gym after workout versus going home and sitting in front of the TV.

Below is my favorite part within his article. He describes self-worth and how challenging yourself is well worth it in the end.

You don’t gain self-worth by taking the easy path that leaves you feeling empty but by taking the path that leads to a larger purpose. Sometimes, if not most of the time, that path towards a larger purpose isn’t the easier one. But that’s what allows you to know that the self-worth is real and true, not because it’s hard or different for the sake of being different but because, at the end of the day, you know you had to earn the results of your life. Although life has a way of occasionally beating all of us down, you know that you can take hold of one or two areas of it. You don’t play the victim or martyr, but instead you become the captain of your life. The expression “you get out of this life what you put in” is so true. What is also true is that in modern day society, one of the best ways to earn your self-worth is to earn your body.

Click here for the full articleWhat was the biggest hurdles you faced within your lifestyle change? Have you accomplished the goals you set for yourself? We would love to hear some of your feedback.