Certified Trainers in Omaha Getting Results!

April 4, 2012

So, I was doing a little spring cleaning with videos of our Certified Trainers in Omaha at Endless Possibilities Training Systems. I came across two phenomenal videos I had to share. Weight training is all about getting results and we like to have fun while doing it. So with that being said I snagged a two videos that were filmed from the old EPTS location. Give a round of a applause to these two guys, they live and breath personal training and  strive to show their clients that ANY goal can be achieved!

Bret Carter hits NEW personal record!

We would like to give a big congratulation to Bret Carter for achieving 48inch box jump at the old Endless Possibilities Omaha Fitness location. Bret gives jumping for jacks a whole new meaning as he stares this 48inch box down. Bret dominates the box with agility and courage. Very few people have actually mastered the box jump. Bret has surpassed the competitors of Endless Possibilities Training Systems by showing his clients any goal can be set and achieved. We look forward to seeing Bret’s next goal being achieved.

Sean Betz hits NEW Personal Best!

We would also like to congratulate Sean Betz on achieving a new personal best of 385lb hang clean! Yes, you read that right 385lbs! As you can tell Sean definitely has strength but he has also mastered technique. With the hang clean their are three areas in your formation that have to mastered to increase personal best with success: The knee position, the hip position and the catch. Sean has completed all these sections and honestly made this exercise seem simple. Don’t be fooled the hang clean is a challenging weight training technique but with much practice and guidance it can be mastered.

Both of these videos were filmed at Endless Possibilities Training Systems’ old location. If you are interested in seeing the new Omaha Fitness Center which is double the size, yes double the size contact EPTS today (402) 290-9858.

Conclusion: Call EPTS Team Today!

Endless Possibilities Training Systems Team has been offering intermediate and advanced weight training programs for all ages, genders, and skill levels and fitness levels. For over five years Endless Possibilities Training Systems’ Omaha Certified Trainers have surrounded themselves with MMA fighters, aspiring athletes, soldiers, corporate executives, gym warriors, housewives, students, and many more. Call Our Omaha Fitness Center Today (402) 290-9858