Why Choose Endless Possibilities Training Systems

October 21, 2011

One common question any gym owner or personal weight trainer will get asked, “Why should I train with you versus a local gym with certified personal trainers on staff?”

As a gym owner and certified personal trainer in Omaha, I love this question because I came from one of those corporate gyms. I received my certification on personal training from a big local gym in Omaha and hit the top sales performance while on that team. I even became a manager who had certified personal trainers men and women below me with a quota of memberships that were required. Now, I may have made the above sound glamourous and hopefully you were able to catch the sarcasm in my writing in the fact corporate gym life was not me.

I don’t agree with the high pressure of sales, I think if you have enough confidence to pick up the phone and ask me about personal training you took the biggest step in finding me. We are avaliable online, in person or on the phone when you are ready. We don’t have any overhead management breathing down the neck of our certified trainers telling them they have to have so many clients or they will be unemployed, instead we let them focus on their job and passion-helping you.

We provide a relaxed work environment for all our staff. We also provide a energetic atmosphere for all our clients. Those of you that have visited our weight training facility in Omaha know that you can typically select the type of music you want to pump weights too and if you are lucky you will get a glimpse of the personalities of your trainers behind closed doors (like their infamous dances).

I do advertising here and there like sponsoring the local MMA Fighters, Victory Fighting, Elite Athletes and Optimizing my website but you will rarely ever see us pick up the phone and cold call people and ask them about their weight training program and goals. In all honestly cold calling for clients does not work in weight loss as you have to be ready to lose weight. You have to make the commitment not only to me but to yourself that you will do everything in your power to change your lifestyle.

We pride ourselves on the fact that over 75% of our business is referral base, this has brought us to record sales year after year. At EPTS you will not experience high pressure sales, you do not have to sign a contract and you will achieve ‘Endless Possibilities‘.

Interested in experiencing how we are different then the corporate big gyms in the Omaha area? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and a gym tour. We will show you first hand why our name is ‘Endless Possibilities’.