How I Create Effective and Fun Filled Workout Routines

October 11, 2011

MotivatedWhen I prepare a workout routine for a scheduled client I think of how to maximize the time I have with each client. As a certified personal trainer in Omaha, I review the goals my client would like to achieve and create a customized workout tailored to each client. A customized workout is very important as everyone’s weight training goals are different. Some are looking to lose weight, others might want to gain weight, at times I have clients that want to maintain their current weight. Each client and personality are different from each other.

The most effective workouts routines I prepare are the ones that use the body as a whole. Why do you do this you ask? If you use the whole body you will essentially burn more calories in a short amount of time and achieve aerobic threshold a lot faster. The workout routine will still focus on a certain muscle group. By adding a full body muscle workout into the session the workout becomes more challenging. For Example: my weight training clients love using the ‘famous’ prowler, power sled with increased weights and flipping one of our three tractor tires.

When creating a custom workout routine for a client I make sure the workout has variety at times I will have my clients play cards during their workout session. This card came is not poker or 21 instead I pick four exercise activities. Each workout activity is assigned a suit (i.e. hearts, spades, clubs, diamonds), the client will perform the activity for the amount of suits are in order. The client can receive 21 diamonds and have to perform 21 push ups at once, or they could receive 6 spades and have to do 6 tractor tire flips. My clientele love playing cards during their workouts and work harder in a shorter amount of time because it is fun filled and energetic.

When creating or performing a workout routine, be sure it is fun. If you feel dreaded to workout, your body will not achieve the results it can. Stay modivated and remember why you are there to workout. Even if you create your workout as fun be sure to give it 110% so you can see your bodies true potential when the pressure is put on.

If you need someone to keep your energy levels up and remind you why you wanted to lose weight or weight train contact me I would be happy to help you achieve your fitness goals. Remember, ‘no pain, no gain!’