Self Destruction, Remove it Before it Removes You!

April 3, 2012

Have you ever noticed that when you are NOT accomplishing a goal you become hyper sensitive to certain aspects of your life? It’s true that if you are not applying yourself 100% to being healthy you will more than likely take something more negative than the average person who lives a healthy lifestyle. Why do you ask, because you and you alone are the only one that can change your eating habit, fitness commitment and achieve your goals. If you do not apply yourself after deciding to be healthier you could find yourself overeating and making excuses about not working out. This is what we call self destruction and it has the potential of destroying any progress you might accomplish.

#1 Way to Stop Self Destruction-Get Movin’

The great news is that once you start getting healthy and becoming more active the negative trash talk i.e. self destruction will reduce. When you are in a grumpy mood or feel you NEED to be happy but your not, get up move around! Get active, more times than not people will eat because they are bored out of their skull. Yes, when you are watching TV and decide you need a snack, you are not actually hungry but your mind is so bored it needs to eat to keep it busy. When you make a decision to move and not sit on your couch your will automatically feel better as you are being active. We know that activity will gain results!

Get a Healthy Support Group!

When you do decide to live a healthier lifestyle there will be a few people in your life that will try to discourage you. They may tell you that you cannot succeed or pick on you for being healthy. They might even stop calling as they assume that you will not want to join happy hour or a night on the town. If possible reduce the amount of interaction you have with these people. Those who do not support your lifestyle change could have the ability to do more damage than good. Track how those around you make you feel so you know beforehand what emotions to expect. Be aware of those who cause you stress or make you feel worse after visiting them. They could be the trigger that causes you to run to the food pantry and eat a lot of sweets to make yourself feel better.

I am a true believer you become what you surround yourself with. Stay positive, find a club or group to stay active with. If you need help getting modivated contact a Certified Trainer in Omaha that can get you started. At times we just need a jump start or a push to know what direction to go in-regards to losing weight. Most importantly, apply yourself 100% in all you do. You can and will accomplish amazing things when you are completely dedicated to clean eating, regular exercise routine and positive thinking.

Motivation, Find It!

As a Omaha Fitness Center Owner who provides weight training services, I can motivate someone to a point. They have to want to achieve their goals and do the work. With that being said losing weight is not rocket science but only a few people will actually set out to achieve what they want fitness wise. Surround yourself with like-minded people who have the same fitness goals as you do.

Find the Meaning of a ‘Happy Life’

Living a healthy permanent lifestyle will change your life! Things will turn positive throughout your life as you are applying yourself and doing what you need to in order to achieve results. Start to lose weight, create and achieve goals you never thought you could, work hard in all aspects of your life and your career will get better, relationships will naturally mend that were difficult before and you will have found the hidden key to living a happy life. You don’t have to be a gym warrior who visits a Certified Trainer in Omaha four times a week to live a positive life. I just ask for you put yourself before others so you can start to see the results of self-maintenance. You will have more energy for other aspects in life that you didn’t have time for before.

Conclusion: Call EPTS Team Today!

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