Drew Dober 415lb Deadlift with Certified Trainer Bret Carter!

May 1, 2012

As the Omaha Fitness Training Center for MMA fighters, we like to brag A LOT regarding our sponsored “Mixed Martial Arts Fighters”! Our MMA fighters work hard with no questions asked. They know dedication, hard work and commitment will provide life long results both physically and mentally. As the quote goes, “no pain, no gain”. Our featured MMA Fighter this week, Drew Dober,  took his body to a whole new level with Bret Carter, Co-Owner and Certified Personal Trainer with Endless Possibilities Training Systems. Check out the video below of Drew building strength, achieving results and accomplishing dreams.

Drew Dober 415lb Deadlift, WOW!

We would like to give a big congratulation to Drew Dober on his 415lb Deadlift. For those of you that know Drew, he is a muscle machine with a killer left hook. Drew has been a sponsored MMA Fighter for several years with Endless Possibilities Training Systems. Bret Carter, his certified personal trainer, has been lucky to see someone consistently achieve goals, taking their fitness to a new level while developing their master craft.

We know from experience that Drew Dober accomplishes new goals consistently and we are super stoked that Bret Carter, the one coaching Drew throughout his lift, was able to catch this killer deadlift of 415lbs on film.

Tip: Believe it or not capturing our clients on camera actually helps them accomplish more. Why, do you ask? Everyone likes to perform for the cameras. The art of videoing a personal best can help push you to a new level. The end result provides you proof of a goal completed. Videoing your workout can also be a great coaching tool to help you develop proper form.

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