Eating Patterns Pt 1 discussed by Bret Carter- EPTS

August 20, 2012

Omaha Weight Trainers, as well as, our clients have experienced the benefits certain types of foods. Most of us know it isn’t always about the type of food you’re eating; it’s also about why you’re eating. Overeating, eating because you’re bored or eating to fit in socially, are some of the major reasons of weight gain for men and women. If weight gain is not managed or reduced it can lead to obesity. Let’s not forget about the children. Kids will pick up on parents’ habits as well as what society recommends. As a parent or sibling, if you are filling your body with sugar loaded sodas and fast food meals your kids will want to follow your lead. When we eat essentially we are fueling our body which is needed to perform our best, however, not giving your body what it needs can lead to no satisfaction of appetite which results in eating more as your body is trying to get it’s fix. Make a habit of listening to what your body is asking for. Understand how your body processes certain foods. For example, stop eating fast food for two weeks. Make all your meals from scratch. At the end of two weeks have one meal from a fast food restaurant. In most cases your body will reject what you are attempting to feed it due to all the grease, salt and preservative or in worst case scenario you will not get full off what you are eating from the fast food place.

Reasons for Eating When NOT hungry!

Several of us are guilty of eat to entertain ourselves, to fit in socially and to make ourselves feel better when actually we feel worse. When meeting with a new client they are often ashamed to tell me their eating patterns. While it is not recommended to eat horrible foods as a professional, Omaha Personal Trainer, I need to know your existing habits to help develop healthier habit. For example: Several of my clients are midnight snackers. They will eat clean 100% of the day but find that when the clock strikes midnight they get bored, which is often misunderstood as hunger, and grab whatever is salty or sweet in the kitchen. The end result, you guessed it, they sabotage all the clean eating they achieve throughout the week by filling their bodies with high calorie foods that are more than likely unhealthy. Today I am providing two of the four reasons for eating even when we are NOT hungry.


Have you ever experienced when you have lazy days you eat more? You are constantly craving something to snack on and you usually have the bad foods in the pantry ready to be eaten. When we lie around watching TV on our lazy days our minds might be entertained but our body are not. You must be aware of how your body communicates when you are hungry. Many times people will misunderstand being hungry for being bored out of their skull. Yes, even though you watch TV for endless hours and think you are being entertained you might actually just be downright bored. When the body is not engaged and bored it will attempt to find a way to entertain itself. Many times it is by eating.

Social Acceptance

Have you ever done 100% on your eating plan and sabotage everything on the night out with friends? Let’s face it, when we hang out with people we enjoy what we are doing. The majority of times we will more than likely consume some type of food while socializing. 9 times out of 10 people can reduce the chance of sabotaging their meal plan if they just planned ahead a little. You can socialize with people whom are eating and still have discipline. Don’t think just because everyone else is drinking you have to drink. Think about the goals you have set for yourself and how you will feel once you accomplish those set goals. If you feel like having a good time and indulging, eat healthy foods before you go so you’re already full. Set a limit before you met your friends on how many drinks you will consume and stop when you’re done. Learning the word NO is the best tool in life you can have. Believe it or not the more you use it the easier it is to walk away from temptations that taste so yummy.

How to manage Midnight Snacking

Now I am the first to tell you I have had my food benders in my day and have enjoyed several guilty pleasures in one sitting. The key to enjoying the bad foods is understanding why you’re eating and how to apply discipline so something not so good for the waist line but delicious for the tummy will not sabotage what your attempting to accomplish. First if the midnight snacks craving strikes you need to ensure you are eating the proper amount of food throughout the day. If you have five to six small meals a day your appetite should be good to go until your head hits the pillow. It is possible for you to be extra hungry one day versus the next depending on how much calories you burned within your Omaha Fitness Center. If you get that late night craving grab a protein shake from your fridge. Sip on the shake for up to 15 minutes, after the shake is done chew a stick of sugar free gum for another 15 minutes. Food cravings will typically go away after 15 minutes. With this tip you can fill your body with a substance that is good for you versus something you think you want that will hurt your clean eating.

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