Eating Patterns Pt 2 discussed by Omaha Personal Trainer – EPTS

August 21, 2012

Yesterday, Omaha Weight Trainers with Endless Possibilities Training Systems, shared two reasons for eating even when you’re not hungry.  Eating because we’re bored or to fit in socially can put a huge dent into weight management, especially if we are attempting to achieve weight loss results. Today, we are going to share two additional reasons that people will eat even when they are not hungry. Remember to listen to your body and educate yourself on why you are eating. 

You’re Tired

Believe it or not getting the proper amount of sleep can cause your body to crave certain foods to jump start the metabolism. When we get the tired feeling we might reach for caffeine in hopes to make our bodies work harder than it should. The down fall to this cycle is that it is never ending and can lead to consuming high calorie foods and beverages.

I remember growing up my parents would tell me all the time the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, little did I know until I got older that it was true. Staying up late and getting up early can cause your body to work harder. The first reaction the body has to waking up or staying up is craving food. Many times people will grab sugar food like caffeine, energy drinks or fast food to fuel the body. The body craves protein to stay awake and if given the right foods you can reduce cravings and curb the appetite even on the longer days with shorter amounts of sleep.


This is one of the most dangerous reasons for eating and it will have the biggest effect on your waistline. Eating because you are depressed will do more damage than good because you will never grab healthy food you will grab the sugars and salts and let’s not forget the pint of ice cream. Some are fortunate enough to have never experienced any type of depression. The key to getting out of the low point, especially if your experiencing SADS disease (Seasonal disorder), is keep yourself busy. Take up a sport or hobby versus eating because you’re down on life. Restart each day with a clean slate and believe it or not contacting an Omaha Personal Trainer can help you getting the jump start you need.

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