EPTS Getting Results with Seated Box Jumps

June 7, 2012

Today we are sharing videos of Bret Carter and AJ Christensen performing seated box jumps. Strength training is not limited to barbells and weights if you are part of the EPTS family you know this already. At EPTS, we get results by making all workouts challenging and taking you outside of your comfort zone. One of the most popular exercise techniques we perform is the seated box jump. Jumping is the best way to develop your rate of force development, basically develop strength and speed.

Give a round of a applause to these two guys, they make this challenging exercise look too easy!

Bret Carter hits NEW personal record!

We would like to give a big congratulation to Bret Carter for achieving 50 1/4″ seated box jump at the EPTS (Omaha Fitness) location. Bret gives jumping for jacks a whole new meaning as he stares down this 50 1/4 inch box. Bret dominates the box with agility and courage. Very few people have actually mastered the box jump much less a seated box jump. Bret has surpassed the competitors of Endless Possibilities Training Systems by showing his clients any goal can be set and achieved.  Check out the video below of AJ Christensen one of Bret’s clients at EPTS.


AJ Christensen hits NEW Personal Best!

We would also like to congratulate AJ Christensen on achieving a new personal best of 42″ seated box jump! Yes, you read that right 42″ seated! As you can tell AJ has mastered his technique and form giving the appearance that this exercise is easy as pie. With any jumping technique the goal is to develop a rate of force i.e. exploding. Seated box jumps are one of the most popular techniques performed by elite athletes. AJ shows you don’t have to be a quarterback to perform this exercise. Way to go AJ!


Both of these videos were filmed at Endless Possibilities Training Systems’ new location.

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