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August 22, 2012

How a husband and wife can help your workout by EPTS

Those who play together stay together, you remember that quote? It was passed around in the early 90’s and can literally apply to anything in life including working out. Let’s face it when you start a workout program by yourself it can be intimidating and downright confusing on where to start, how to get the results you want and what needs to be done. When you are starting a new program, getting support is a great way to ensure that you end on the successful path. I am not saying that you cannot achieve results without having a cheerleader at your side, it can be done and those who do it alone have the self-discipline to make things happen. Having support from your significant other or spouse can make working out fun. Depending on how competitive you are, setting up a contest between the two of you might be an ideal motivator. Below I have listed a few areas a significant other or spouse can help your workout or meal plan.

Workout Together

Let’s face it working out alone can down right suck especially if you know your significant other is lying on the couching watching cable. Make a pact to work out together! I have several clients that prefer working out together as they can get in and get out.

Eat Clean Together

When you and your spouse decide to start a workout program what you eat will have a huge impact on your results too. I would suggest making your meal plans close to the same. Remember that guys will typically need a higher calorie intake so their meals might be larger, but go to the grocery store together, select foods together, essentially you are a team in your relationships and health habits.

Learn Together

Those who get results within the gym learn within the gym. Find out why you want to lose weight, find out why your Omaha Personal Trainer is recommending certain exercises for you, track your food and find out why your body burns certain foods faster than others. Believe it or not, when we learn we become invested and more committed. If learning is not your thing, hire a personal trainer. EPTS has several personal trainers available to choose from. They can take the thinking out of what type of exercises you should do. You can literally hire an Omaha Personal Trainer and they will tell you what to eat and what exercises to do. All you have to do is make sure you do it!

Hold Each other Accountable

No one likes a tattle tale but let’s be honest, the one person who could get away with telling you the food you’re about to eat is straight crap is your significant other, especially if they are NOT allowed to eat that type of food. When it comes to wanting to put off a workout or eating a crappy cheat meal due to not feeling up to par, your team member (spouse) could be the one factor that saves you from making a regrettable decision. We recommend for you NOT to become a nag, instead encourage your spouse to work out even when they don’t feel like it!

Vent Together

As the newest of your weight loss goal starts to wear off you will more than likely find yourself wondering what you signed yourself up for. Why do I have to eat healthy all the time and why for the love of cheese can I not have a bag of Oreos! Sometimes all you need is someone to talk or vent to of how much discipline sucks. Discussing why you are doing something and why it is important for you to stay on track can be the determining factor of success.

Build Strength Together

When you see results within your weight loss or strength training program you will start to feel more confident. When you do it together it can be a blast! When you make the commitment to build strength together it goes past your body (muscles),  it can strengthen your relationship too. If your relationship is feeling a little dull or in a slump that’s the perfect time hit the gym! A lot of the times relationship challenges are surrounded around self-insecurities and weight gain.

Conclusion: Call Endless Possibilities Training Systems’ Team Today!

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