Four Reasons to Train at Omaha Fitness Facility "EPTS"

July 19, 2012

Losing weight is one of the hardest decisions you will make in life. You have to break habits, confront deeper issues like insecurity and try things that WILL take you outside of your comfort zone. Those who are overweight have a tendency to put on rose colored glasses and not be aware of how much weight has gained over the  years.  Life’s daily stresses, challenges and experiences cause the pounds to start adding up to the point we feel we can’t do anything to stop gaining weight. The good news is today you can make a difference no matter how large or small your fitness goal is.

Endless Possibilities Training Systems has been helping all types of clients learn more about fitness, eating healthy and changing their lifestyle to accomplish dreams they never thought were possible. Several people come to us, at Endless Possibilities Training Systems,  as they have no clue where to start at a gym. Believe it or not the determining factor of you achieving your weight loss goals is being educated. Our certfiied trainers educate all clients from those who are newbies to the gym, or gym warriors that workout 5 to 7 days a week.

Below, I have listed the top 4 reasons you should train with us at Endless Possibilities Training Systems:

#1 The “Stellar” Environment

Endless Possibilities Training System is different than other Omaha Fitness Centers as we offer one on one personal training sessions. We are not considered the average meat market gym like some I will not name. Everyone at EPTS from trainers to clients are polite and friendly, after all, clients are there for the same reasons, to build strength or lose weight.  Several of our clients have built longstanding relationships with their personal trainers compared to most commercial gyms. At EPTS you are a person not a dollar amount!  We realize that your environment will determine your success in weight loss. EPTS certified trainers are there every step of the way providing education on weight lifting exercises, food plans, cardiovascular sessions, and how to incorporate good change into your life. EPTS strives to provide the best positive environment you need so you want to come and work out!

#2 Staff – Our “Awesome” Certified Personal Trainers

At Endless Possibilities Training Systems, we have six certified personal trainers and two owners who created EPTS over five years ago.  Each of them provide one on one personal training. We have continually added certified trainers to our team that see personal training as more  than a job! We strive to change lives! We offer our clients the education on how to lift properly, why they are performing the exercises we are asking them to do, and giving them the tools and resources needed to reach their fitness goals. Our personal trainers are committed to each of their clients and all of our personal trainers have their own fitness goals they set and accomplish. We can not ask our clients to set and achieve goals if we don’t have goals ourselves.

#3 The “Epic” Equipment

Endless Possibilities Training Systems is not like big Omaha Fitness Centers that offer only circuit machines to build strength, or other startup facilities that offer sub-par equipment! We take pride in our facility and provide state of the art equipment from bars, racks, benches, chains, prowlers, some circuit machines and other up and coming equipment to help achieve the best results. Owner Bret Carter, understands the importance of investing in the best equipment designed to help build strength. While we do not have sporty pink weights we do have several top notch equipment manufacturers’ like EliteFTS. Check out our newest equipment added, “cable crossover by Cybex” – by far the one of the most versatile machines in EPTS history!

#4 The Clients “YOU”

Without clients like YOU, Endless Possibilities Training Systems, would not have grown as fast as we did. We are in our fifth year and we are going strong! We have eight personal trainers thanks to you! We take pride in the EPTS brand and truly enjoy what we do. The energy of loving our job is contagious to our clients who look forward to coming to our Omaha Facility to workout.  We have clients who become a client at EPTS as they didn’t like the corporate gym feeling. They were lost in the transition after becoming a member and after a few weeks they stop going to their local gym as they didn’t know what to do, how to use the equipment or didn’t know anyone. Our clients LOVE that we offer one on one personal training sessions where you don’t have to fight for attention from a personal trainer. Your time is scheduled and relationships are built with other personal trainers’ clients that workout at the same time. We get a kick out of hearing our clients cheer on other clients when they reach a PR or a fitness goal.

Conclusion: Call EPTS Team Today!

Endless Possibilities Training Systems Team has been offering intermediate and advanced weight training programs for all ages, genders, skill levels and fitness levels. For over five years Endless Possibilities Training Systems’ Omaha Certified Trainers have surrounded themselves with MMA fighters, aspiring athletes, soldiers, corporate executives, gym warriors, housewives, students, and many more. Call Our Omaha Fitness Center Today (402) 290-3915.