Motivation Monday: “Obsession is a word the LAZY use to describe the DEDICATED”

May 14, 2012

Everyday lazy people will find a way to make themselves feel better for not doing the work needed to live a healthy lifestyle. Lazy people will often call someone “obsessed” if they are 100% committed to working out and eating clean. It comes down to having the ability to tell yourself NO to crap food, saying yes to that extra set of push ups. People that do what is needed to be done regarding losing weight will start to see results of their hard work and want to work harder. They will apply discipline in everything in their lives as they realize with structure and dedication goals can be accomplished.

When results appear you become easy invested in pushing yourself further. It is ok to be obsessed about losing weight, running, lifting weights and such. Several people become obsessed with their job, children (Yes, we know your out there and have heard how cute johnny boy is), we can even become obsessed with Facebook.

What is Obsession? Is it Good?

Obsession is term placed a negative category and like many things in life people can take their hobbies or lifestyles too far. My obsession is getting clients to achieve results with losing weight or building strength. Believe it or not, as a certified trainer in Omaha, I have several clients who are not achieving results when it comes to the gym. It comes down to they are NOT obsessed enough, they do not push themselves when I am not around and find that the scale does not reduce. I will tell you those who are obsessed with fitness get results. They push themselves to the limit and take on more. They will not cheat and at times find that they do not crave to cheat if it goes against their weight loss goal. They do what they are told in the Omaha Fitness Center with pride and dedication. They eat healthy no matter what the temptation and exceed fitness levels that others could NOT achieve.

As mentioned before in several articles wanting to be healthy has to be a lifestyle change. When you make it a lifestyle change the sacrifices do not appear to be as big of a deal as you once thought. You have to want results down to your core. Losing weight is black and white. There are no excuses, you either eat healthy and exercise hard or you do not. There will be no, “I’m tired I need a day off” or “I am going to have a cheat meal” you do what you need and get the results you want.

For those of you that do not agree that dedication and 100% commitment is needed to achieve weight loss goals I challenge you to write down what you have done and ask yourself could you have done better? Are you happy applying yourself only 50%. As an Omaha Personal trainer I want you to see results but I can motivate you only so far. You have to want it, you have to feel that want in your soul. Once you accomplish that everything will fall into place, and you will achieve your goals and set new ones. Live to your true potential and gain the strength and determination you deserve!

Your New Role Models-Coming Soon!

Everyone needs a person to look up to, someone to keep them motivated, someone who has been where you are today. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing several success stories from our clients at Endless Possibilities Training Systems (Omaha Fitness Center). Working out is not always easy if it was EVERYONE would be doing it. We will be sharing the truth of why these clients came to EPTS looking to lose weight, the challenges they were faced with during their weight loss journey and motivating tips that kept them coming even when it was hard. We hope you can gain some confidence knowing that you are NOT the only one in this weight loss battle. Several people had different “why’s” for losing weight but the one thing EVERYONE has in common is that their goal is to be healthier. Stay Tuned!

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