Omaha Fitness Provide 3 Steps to Firm Body

March 29, 2012

You have worked really hard to lose pounds while reducing inches by performing an intense work out program. You have been completely dedicated with your face time at our Omaha Fitness Center. You educated yourself on clean eating, exercise tips and achieving goals by reading my knowledge filled articles. And hopefully by now you have been successful in achieving if not one several of your weight loss goals. The big challenge is that you still have loose skin around your body especially your legs. Ladies refer this problem as ‘cottage cheese’ legs which can also appear on the rear end. So you ask, “how do you get rid of that?”

Once weight loss is achieved you need to focus on new goals like tightening certain areas
or sculpting that killer-six pack. I even recommend focusing on a place of weakness like an exercise activity you find yourself hating. Mastering a new area or being pushed out of the comfort zone is always a good thing. When you push yourself with new goals you are keeping your body and mind strong while reaping the benefits of staying healthy. Now, onto the three suggestions I recommend for getting rid of those jelly jiggler legs.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!

As a Certified Trainer in Omaha, I cannot say this enough exercise, exercise, exercise! Several people will stop a workout routine once they achieve their weight goal. This is bad! The body adapts to the amount of activity you perform. Meaning if you are lazy your body will know your lazy and store fat. If you are a gym warrior your body becomes a lean mean machine and knows that you will feed it the right foods while providing it the exercise to assist in burning fat. If you stop a weight training program and revert back to your old eating habits. Yep, you guessed it! The weight will come back and more times than not your weight will increase past what you started at. Why give up on all that hard work you did at your Omaha Fitness Center!

A few articles back I mentioned, “Cardio is your friend but intense weight training is your lover.” With that being said you need to master both relationships with Cardio and intense weight training. Make both a permanent part of your lifestyle. Exercise is a great way to tighten the skin during and after weight loss. As a Certified Trainer in Omaha, I always recommend performing strength training to increase the muscle mass which will help to fill out the loose skin.

Be Sure to Watch Food Intake!

Remember the picture I posted on Facebook earlier this month? “30% Gym, 70% Diet Ab’s are made in the kitchen not in the Gym. This applies to all parts of your body. Exercise is a very important part of a weight loss plan. What you eat can make or break any weight loss program. If you DON’T consume the right foods all your weight training efforts will go to waste.

If you are looking to tone areas of your body like thighs protein is your friend. Protein is a main diet ingredient recommended from Certified Trainers in Omaha as it helps build muscle. We all know that muscle burns fat! Now, I am not recommending you consume 100% protein as your body isn’t meant to handle ONLY proteins. The body needs an adequate fruit and vegetables that contain vitamins and minerals. These two will help firm and smooth the skin while providing a healthy glow.

Drink Water!

This recommendation is common sense. We have been taught since we were little kids to drink water. Many of us even grew up drinking water out of the water hose. Water intake is extremely important to everyone wither you are performing an Omaha fitness program or not. When you engage in any intense weight training program you have to replenish the water lost by sweating. Consuming eight glasses of water a day (roughly 64oz) will help your body remove some of the free radicals and other toxins that damage your body. If you consume soda or diet soda you will have to consume more water as those types of drinks are classified as a dietetic.

Conclusion: Call EPTS Team Today!

If you follow these three suggestions you can target loose skin trouble spots. Summer is just around the corner with that being said be sure to eat clean, check out leg focused exercises and get busy achieving results.

If you need help achieving weight loss or firming trouble areas contact our Omaha Fitness Center! Certified Trainers in Omaha with Endless Possibilities Training Systems Team have been offering intermediate and advanced weight training programs for all ages, genders, and skill level and fitness level. Call Our Omaha Fitness Center Today (402) 290-9858