Omaha Personal Trainer Motivation: New Year’s Resolution: Success or Obstacles?

May 7, 2012

May has finally arrived! How is that New Year’s resolution going? Several people will pick losing weight at the beginning of the year as they literally can start from scratch with the New Year. All that turkey, mash potatoes and gravy along with pumpkin pie that you consumed can be worked off, right? Having weight loss as a new year’s resolution will NOT make the bad food choices you make disappear overnight. The guilt of being unhealthy will still be there however having a fresh start is sometimes the best solution to successfully losing weight.

A large percentage will be able to keep the momentum going through January as weight loss is the top New Year’s Resolution. Finding likeminded people in your life with the same weight loss goals can and will keep the motivation going but what if you are losing weight alone? Some will slip up during Valentine’s Day (yes, typically women) because they find that the hallmark holiday presents a high temptation with chocolate all around. By March less than 25% of people who had a weight loss resolution are committed at all. Why do you ask? March madness and St. Paddy’s day has come and gone along with winter blues setting in.

Finding Your “Why”

Setting fitness and weight loss goals is the start to losing weight. Some can keep up the momentum throughout the year even when several obstacles appear like: “”Ladies night”, “Sunday family dinners” and “$2 beer nights”. The difference between someone who achieves their New Year’s Resolution and those who don’t is simply asking the question, “Why?” Those who succeed realize the “why” needs substance to stick. Below are a few questions to help you decide what your “why” is:

  • Do you want to lose weight because you have skinny friends?
  • Do you find yourself unattractive?
  • Do you want to live longer?
  • Do you want to be an athlete?
  • Do you want to reduce blood pressure?

The first two questions are the typical reasons we hear from new clients at Endless Possibilities Training Systems. It’s great to slim down and fit in with the skinny mini’s but realize that you may never look like Megan Fox. Everybody is built different and reacts to the exercise regimen and diet different. We try to prevent our weight loss clients from getting disappointment by turning their focus to question #3 “Are you wanting to live longer?” Having an active exercise program will in fact lengthen your life while providing you extra benefits such as strength, healthy bones, looking attractive, increase in positive energy to name a few.

How Omaha Certified Trainers at EPTS Can Help!

With all new and existing clients at Endless Possibilities Training Systems we always ask, “Why are you looking to lose weight?” It’s common for someone to be speechless as they are not quite sure why they want to lose weight. Some might just feel frumpy, others might rattle off that they want to lose weight for prom or a wedding. It is very common for weight loss to be driven by an event like getting fit for the summer. We make a habit of asking why you want to lose weight as there has to be substance to keep a commitment. When the going gets tough if someone knows why they want to lose weight they will work harder to accomplish their goal.

Starting a weight loss program can be compared to a kid getting a new toy. When you get the new toy it is shinny and new and every thought you have is surrounded around wanting to play with the toy. You love to share the toy with friends or your parents. Eventually the newness wears off and the ‘New’ toy ends up in the pile with all the other toys. You weight loss goal is that “new” toy. When you start a program you cannot help but be enthusiastic and when you have the “why” behind the weight loss the energy is contagious and will make people ask you what you have changed. You will share your successes and challenges with others along with sharing what exercises your certified personal trainer had you perform last week. You might even find yourself giving advice to others who are discouraged with their current weight. You can’t help but share and give all that you are doing. You might find that you slip up by eating bad all weekend and then it turns into eating bad all week. You finally get discouraged and find that eating healthy is hard and fall off the wagon completely. If you don’t have the right frame in mind it is easy to give up being healthy. It is easy for someone to say, “I’ll eat this now and will start being healthy again tomorrow” or “One day off from working out won’t kill me, I’ll start again on Monday”. When you have the “why” behind losing weight the excuses will go away. If you do experience a slip up acknowledge your mistake and correct it. Start being healthy right then instead of waiting until the next day or week. NOW is what will make the difference.

 Conclusion: Call EPTS Team Today!

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