Omaha Personal Trainer Motivation Monday

March 26, 2012

When you decide to make a lifestyle change you have to clean your closet. No, I am not talking about spring cleaning. It’s a metaphor stating you need to evaluate everything in your life. Sit back and think of all aspects of in your life from health, to relationships, to your outlook on life. For a weight loss program to work and be effective Today and long term you have to be willing to make a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle. This means eating healthy and making the correct choices regarding fitness. You will experience many sacrifices like not participating in happy hour beverages. Some sacrifices will seem small while others will appear as deal breakers.  Below I have provided a few basic questions that will help you stay on track with any fitness and nutritional lifestyle change.


Are you eating healthy? Do you find that you grab trigger foods more than nutrition filled foods? Are you an emotional eater or do you only eat when your stomach growls?

Some people are not aware that they emotionally eat. Ladies at times are the worst for this, if they are stressed at home or work they might reach for the salty-sweet snacks instead of the nutritional foods that the body wants. Set yourself up by tracking when, what and how you eat. Need help creating a healthy food plan? Contact Certified Trainers in Omaha at (402) 290-3915 , they will help you get on track!


How do you spend your down time; are you a couch potato? Or do you find that you run yourself so much that you have to take a weekend just to recoup from the busy schedule month?

It can be easier to sit on a couch and complain about being overweight but really in the end you will be doing the same thing in three years if you don’t get up and do something. Get yourself moving and active. Be sure to take time to enjoy life (reap what you sow) but realize that this does not give you a free ticket to be lazy. I know several people that work full time, have families, participate in sports, etc. and still have time to hit the gym an hour or two daily. Set a goal, make it happen!


Who do you spend your time with; are they a positive motivator for the lifestyle change you are making regarding weight loss? Are they a trigger for why you eat what you eat?

If you hang out with people that lounge on the couch all day and complain they are overweight but do nothing about it you will more than likely inherit some of their habits. If you find someone lives a healthy lifestyle and is accomplishing goals that you wish to accomplish these are the people you need to surround yourself with.

If you find a limited amount of people in your life attempting to accomplish what you are in life contact a personal fitness trainer in Omaha, they can help connect you with other clients who might be in the same boat. Realize your not alone while getting healthy.

Health is Everything

When you are in the moment of a life slump in life like being overweight you don’t really think about the above questions having that much of an influence on how you live your life. I read once that health is wealth and I agree with this 100%. Typically people don’t realize how much they want to live until a sickness happens that has a chance of taking their life. If you live a healthy lifestyle you have a higher chance of eliminating certain diseases and/or you can reduce symptoms of other health issues that have risen. Eating healthy and working out will help you adapt to life stresses and situations better than those who don’t work out and feel frumpy in their bodies.

Conclusion: Call EPTS Team Today!

In all honesty the only person who can control what happens to you is YOU. As a personal fitness trainer in Omaha I can help motivate you and get you started. If you want to live your true potential and see what your capable of call EPTS Team today. We will help you strive to your ultimate fitness level and show you that there are Endless Possibilities to living a healthy-happy lifestyle.

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