Omaha Personal Trainers Motivation Monday: Healthy State of Mind

March 19, 2012

People may think that visiting a gym is only needed when looking to lose weight for an event/summer vacation, this is NOT the case. Visiting a gym often can help your body reach its ultimate health and even void common colds. As Certified Personal Trainers in Omaha we offer people the opportunity to meet and exceed fitness goals. Often time’s people will see their weight loss results faster if they have a personal trainer involved versus attending the gym by themselves. Why do you ask? First a personal trainer is an industry expert; we know what works and what doesn’t. We become a life coach for each client by holding people accountable every day, including ourselves. That’s right; I even push myself to new fitness goals. As Omaha personal trainers we provide tools needed to achieve any fitness goal big or small.

First Step, Most Important!

The body and mind work together like a machine if you believe YOU CAN it will happen. People who come to a personal trainer in most cases are broken; mentally and/or physically. They have tried it their way so many times and have not achieved what they are looking for. Several of my clients find themselves in a slump with life and have gained weight over the years. Many people get so overwhelmed as they don’t know what the best first step is.  As industry experts we realize how much courage it takes to pick up the phone and call a Omaha personal trainer. We realize you are in need assistance are willing to do what is needed to get you the results your looking for. The phone call is the first step!

Strength Overrides the Scale

Majority of people determine how healthy they are by what they weigh. Unfortunately, this is NOT a correct determination for some. Now I am not saying it’s OK to be overweight, what I am saying is the scale number is not always the correct representation of what is healthy.

For example, you might find that you are no size 4 and may never be. With our expertise and guidance we can get you to the healthy area you need to be. We can help you gain the strength while losing the inches. We can even help you bench press double your body weight. Ladies, this is a huge motivator. When you can start successfully lifting a weight amount you never thought was possible you have a new stride in your step. I thrive on seeing some one’s confidence come back; at times I will see the change happen before them. If you get into a healthy state by thinking of your weight loss, maintenance as a permanent lifestyle change you will make healthy-positive changes in your life without even realizing it.

Conclusion: Call EPTS Team Today!

Endless Possibilities Training Systems Team has been offering intermediate and advanced weight training programs for all ages, genders, and skill level and fitness level. For over five years the EPTS Omaha Certified Personal Trainers have surrounded themselves with MMA fighters, aspiring athletes, soldiers, corporate executives, gym warriors, housewives, students, and many more. Call Today (402) 290-9858