Omaha Weight Trainers: The Yo Yo Diet!

January 12, 2012

Yo YoDo you ever catch yourself doing the Yo-Yo? I am not referring to “Rock the baby” where you construct a cradle while having the yo-yo hang neatly in the middle of the triangle string. I mean do you find your weight going up and down no matter what diet, pill or exercise you are doing?

We have been lead to believe that getting the body of movie stars can be achieved by drinking a 24 hour miracle drink or shaking a product on our food without changing our eating habits. With the ads on TV we are shown instant results without direction on the fitness and exercise that needs to take place. Many view working out as a once-in-a while thing to fit into that wedding dress or temporary make yourself feel better and it needs to be a lifestyle habit. There is no easy quick fix to lose 30 pounds it takes hard work, dedication and sweat to teach yourself clean eating and dedication to a weight training program.

Some Omaha personal trainers will provide you a weight training service but not ask the important question of what is going in your mouth. As an Omaha certified personal trainer I find out what your eating habits are. I understand what your weaknesses are to try and assist with the temptation of that warm yummy brownie. I keep you motivated to reach your ultimate weight loss goal. Many Omaha personal trainers do not go the extra step as a result their clients will work out with them for a while the pounds shed but if they don’t see instant results they quit. The client will become discouraged and stops weight training all together or try a quick fix like the products mentioned above. Once they stop the old habits come back, they relapse to not working out anymore and the yo-yo process begins again.

As an Omaha Certified Personal Trainer I recommend proper nutrition and challenging exercise program while staying hydrated. With my training services help education you on clean eating and show you weight training techniques at my Omaha gym. I recommend weight training and/or Cardio training 4 to 6 times a week for ultimate results. Stay hydrated in the beginning, middle and end of any weight loss program.

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