Personal Trainer in Omaha NE explains Healthy Snacking!

July 26, 2012

Over the past few years snacking has received a bad rap, but when done with discipline, snacking can be very healthy. Some would like to eat a bag of Oreos in one sitting while watching TV, but this is NOT the snacking we are encouraging. Adding healthy snacks within your meal plan can help with weight loss or weight maintenance. Those who eat snacks, in addition to three meals a day, have a higher chance at sticking to their meal plans as they are able to keep their hunger at bay. A healthy balanced meal plan includes two snack times a day, like fruit or protein shakes, to ensure your body is provided the correct amount of nutrition. In addition eating several small meals a day will keep your body metabolism in check while helping maintain insulin levels.

What is a healthy snack?

The challenge some face is not educating themselves on what a healthy snack is. Their idea of what snacking is turns into gorging themselves with food. The results of a snack turning into eating the whole bag of something honestly will make you feel like crap as you are not filling your body with what it needs. In addition, now your emotions are all over the place as you know you shouldn’t have eaten as much as you did, but you did anyway. Several people will sabotage their diet as they hear Personal Trainer in Omaha NE, like me, state that snacking is ok. But what they did not hear is the “healthy” part which does not include consuming a fattening bag of chips with no consequences. Snacks should be used as a tool to keep your body going, deliver the fuel it needs to keep hunger in check and your emotional peace. Everyone gets cranky when they are hungry, so feed that hunger the healthy way!

Personal Trainer in Omaha NE, like Bret Carter, recommend a smart “healthy” snack should include 100 to 250 calories and should not include fattening contents. Hummus, Bananas, String Cheese, Smoothies, Fruit and Whole Grain Crackers are great healthy snacks for example.

Your Certified Personal Trainer should encourage you to plan out all your meals and healthy snacks. This will reduce the chance of sabotaging your healthy meal plan by holding you accountable to what you are allowed to eat and how much you have eaten. Believe it or not if you plan out your meals you can reduce a lot of the everyday stress of trying to find out what to eat. With the meal plan, you can prepare your week of meals on a Sunday and just grab and go. Several of Omaha weight training clients will use an app within their phone such as “Loseit!” The application gives you the opportunity to track what you eat, how much you eat and even record exercise and weight to track progress.

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