Reflections On Article by Craig Bongelli

March 23, 2012

Being within the Omaha fitness industry I come across plenty of resources that I pass onto our clients. A lot of the advice I pass on I have learned from fitness educational classes, life experiences and other experts within the Omaha fitness industry. Today I am sharing the article I shared on Facebook last week from Craig Bongelli at Westside Barbell.

As a Omaha Personal Trainer, I have high respect for Westside Barbell and became certified through their program.  If you ever have a chance to visit their gym, do it! These guys are industry leaders when it comes to strength training programs. This gym is always willing to help you learn what you need to gain muscle while providing the education needed to know why you are doing what you are doing.

Below I have provided a few of my own side notes to Craig’s article:

Always Consider the Source

Their are several people out there creating websites, blogs, etc. and claim to be fitness experts. I am not here to trash talk who is good or who is not. I will say, always check the source. The fitness industry is one of the easiest targets to claim to be an expert but not have certifications or experience to back up advice. If someone is telling you to do a certain exercise plan, check to make sure it is something you can actually achieve versus taking someone else’s word for it. Remember that all bodies are built different. During my seven years of providing Certified Weight Trainer services I have been approached by several people claiming to be an industry expert, however, they only work out themselves and have no education or certifications within the weight training.

By the way….if anyone has a spare computer they would like to donate to our gym we will create a new weight sled and name it the lap-sled!

Embrace the things you hate

In life, we all deal with situations that we dislike, but we still have to find a way to deal with it. There is no difference in weight training. There will be the exercises you hate to do that make you dread going to the gym, but these are the areas you need to work on as it gives you a new challenge to accomplish. If you continue to only do what you love you never really push yourself out of the comfort zone.

When someone comes to me for weight training service they say they want to look better, feel better and be healthier. They don’t say I want to only do sit-ups because that is what I love. Realize that you will have to do some stuff you don’t like and some stuff you out right dislike. I can guarantee that if you do something you dislike enough, and you see results, you will become a fan and forget the hatred you once had. Just ask a few of my clients that do the famous prowler… that we got the Yok they love the prowler!

Sneak peek of the famous prowler

Quit once and you’re a quitter

I 100% completely agree with what Craig said within this section. I even have off days where I don’t hit the personal best that I did the week before, but that doesn’t mean I get frustrated and stop completely. Realize that building strength is not an overnight process. You will experience your ups and downs, likes and dislikes, along with extreme encouragement and self doubt. You may wonder why you put your body and mind through all the sacrifices, but when you accomplish your goal, all that pain, sweat and hatred will wash away with pride. Pride that you did it, and YOU made it happen!

Looking to achieve a fitness goal? Contact Omaha Personal Trainers….we offer Endless Possibilities!

Imitate before you innovate

This is a fantastic quote and I 100% agree! Many clients will come to Endless Possibiltiies Training Systems and request to do workouts when we perform workouts. We typically offer one-on-one sessions and to do a workout with us there is a waiting list as it is so popular, but the main reason people like to join us is that we have it figured out. We set amazing goals, work hard on our bodies to accomplish them and always push ourselves.

We learn from others successes and then use those tools to pass on service to you. I have traveled to several different gyms around the US to find out what other personal trainers do that might help me be able to help you.

If your interested in learning a fun and exciting weight training program that will keep you guessing, ask our Omaha Weight Trainers to introduce you to cards! You will sweat more performing the ‘deck of cards’ exercises than you would doing an exercise routine on your own.

Yesterday’s training brings yesterday’s result

I often have people come to our gym and ask why we don’t have more circuit machines. I laugh because circuit machines are not made for EVERY person. In recent articles I state several times that no one’s body is the same, so circuit machines are created for one body style in mind. Our gym is not a circuit machine gym where groups of people hop on a machine and move onto the next. We do a lot of free weight, resistance training and what I like to refer to as free form training. We learn your body and test it by offering alternative exercises like flipping tractor tires, sledge hammer slams and the famous prowler. We always research new equipment and trends to determine what we need to add to take your body to the next limit.

Sometimes you just need to get stronger

When you get a program set out, stick with it and give it time to work. As personal trainers sometimes we find ourselves being constant motivators to clients because they feel like they are not accomplishing enough or they feel their are doing something wrong as results are not happening. Trust me when I tell you my job is to do everything in my power to make you strong and fit while being safe. At times your body just needs to get stronger before moving onto advance exercises or higher weight. If you are doing a weight training program on your own ask an Omaha Fitness Expert who knows what you are trying to accomplish. Don’t try and re-invent the wheel of fitness creation, you will only find yourself getting frustrated if you hop from program to program without giving your weight training program a shot.

Conclusion: Call EPTS Team Today!

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