Start Your Fitness Plan Now Versus January 1st

December 15, 2014

fitness goals mastered_EPTSAs Omaha certified personal trainers, our job is to help you succeed with your fitness goals. Because we work with clients who have a large range of goals, we have plenty of insight into what works and what doesn’t. One thing that’s been proven time and time again is starting an Endless Possibilities Training Systems program NOW means someone will be far more likely accomplish their fitness goals, versus making excuses.

That reality is why we don’t think people should wait until January 1st to “turn over a new fitness leaf.” Although that day signifies the start of a new calendar year, it’s still just another day.

A common problem all of our Omaha certified personal trainers have seen firsthand is when people hesitate getting started, many cases they’ll never start and instead make excuses on why not to get healthy. When you decide to wait until 1/1 or after, it becomes easy to continue putting off getting started for one additional week, then a month and before you know it another year.

Once you get stuck in the cycle of procrastination, it doesn’t take much to inadvertently let an entire year slip by without ever getting started on your fitness goals. Just think how frustrated you would be if 2016 arrives and you still haven’t gotten into a consistent exercise routine.

If you’re still on the fence about getting started today, let’s take a look at several reasons you’ll be happy with your decision to start NOW:

Avoid Feeling Guilty During the Holidays

Even though it will make you sweat and a little sore at first, working out feels good. Don’t let guilt and stress build up during the weeks. You can avoid the self-disappointment by starting to work out today. Beginning now means you’ll be able to enjoy feeling good about your body throughout all your holiday celebrations.

Gain An Edge With Our Omaha Certified Personal Trainers Instead of Digging a Hole

While you can start working out now and still enjoy everything that Christmas has to offer, getting a jump on positive habits means you will not dig yourself a hole. For example, making a commitment to a lifestyle change NOW, means you are paying attention to your portions sizes. When you are aware of what you are consuming, you can enjoy your first slice of pie (guilt-free) instead of automatically scarfing down the first and moving to the second one without thinking.

No Need to Wait for “Big Gym” Gimmicks to Save Money

At Endless Possibilities Training Systems, we believe in charging a fair price for our services throughout the entire year. So if you were telling yourself that your reason for waiting was financial, you can cross that excuse off your list and instead start working with our Omaha certified personal trainers now. We offer single sessions or packages in both one hour and half hour time frames.

Call (402) 290-3915 to Discuss How Our Personal Trainers Can Help You

If you’re ready to get in shape, don’t wait until the holidays are over to get started. Instead, harness the mental momentum you have right now to give us a call or set an appointment today at (402) 290-3915. Our personal trainers are here and ready to help you achieve your fitness goals!