You Talk the Talk but Do You Walk the Walk?

May 9, 2012

Deciding to live a healthy lifestyle is more than just wearing workout clothes, owning a gym membership and saying, “I work out”. Several people will want to lose weight and straight out the gate become committed to whatever it takes to achieve a goal. Others will find excuses or put the blame on someone else of why they are not accomplishing results they want. As mentioned in Monday’s article knowing the “why?” of wanting to lose weight is needed for you to be 100% dedicated to a clean diet and challenging workouts. If you find that you don’t know where to start feel free to contact one of our certified trainers in Omaha. We offer a unique one on one weight training services that allows you to learn how to lift weights and lose weight correctly. For over five years we have made it our mission to help people of all ages meet their weight loss and fitness goals. Below we explain how walking the walk with weight loss is needed vs. just talking the talk.

Tips to Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk

I am not trying to be a Debbie downer by saying talking the talk with weight loss is not enough. I want to make the point that you have to talk the talk and walk the walk. Certified trainers in Omaha can only motivate you so far. We are not a fly on the wall there to watch what cardio you perform or track the food you consume every day. That is your job! Here are a few tips that really walk the walk regarding losing weight:

Be honest with Yourself

You can tell people you’re working out hardcore even when you’re not. Honestly they won’t know the difference but YOU will. This goes for pushing yourself to the limit versus barely trying. Certified trainers in Omaha are faced with several clients that complain that the pounds are not shedding due to their workouts. When asked what they are eating we find that they enjoy eating McD’s four times a week. When you’re not applying yourself 100% in diet or exercise (or life for that matter) you know deep down that you’re doing a crappy job. That constant down feeling is self-guilt of not applying yourself like you should. We all have experienced that crappy feeling of self -disappointment when we didn’t do what we said we would. Be honest, do the work and reap the benefits of knowing you accomplished it.

Tip: Remember that good old chore list you had when you were a kid? Grown-ups need them too they are typically called a to-do list! Write the exercises and activities you need to do that day to lose weight. You will accomplish two things 1) you will feel relieved to mark something as finished and 2) it will motivate you to add additional items to the list.

Get a Support Group

I’m not talking about a knitting club! Surround yourself with others who are attempting to achieve weight loss. Let’s face it working out alone is not fun! You will be more motivated if you have someone with you to push you to your limit. People who are motivated give off a contagious personality that will naturally keep you motivated. I have experienced people taking weight loss to the next level by finding a workout body or hiring me. It comes to accountability and no one wants to be that person who cancels a workout!

Tip: Contact a Personal Trainer Omaha NE and ask if there is another individual looking for a workout buddy outside of their weight training sessions. Believe it or not others don’t like performing Cardio alone either.

Do it! No Excuses!

When in doubt workout! At the first sign of laziness get moving. If your craving something you should NOT eat say, “No and get moving”. Our egos try to run the show regarding what we eat and how lazy we are. Like Nikes’ slogan, “Just Do it!” Eventually you will crave the Cardio and an intense workout. If you ask anyone who has reached their weight loss goals what the key to success was they will tell you they did the work and got moving. Creating healthy habits and keeping active will get you the results you want. Stick with the intense workouts, healthy eating and learn the word NO.

Conclusion: Call EPTS Team Today!

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