Omaha Fitness Tips by EPTSOMAHA.COM

January 30, 2012

Over the last few years Omaha Weight Training has become the new trend. I am an Omaha Certified Personal Trainer at Endless Possibilities Training Systems. Below I have provided a few tips to keep your body in balance while performing an intense weight training program. If you have any questions regarding how to start a weight training program feel free to contact me today.


Warming up is the 1st and most important step to any weight training program. Cardio is a great warm up exercise as it gets your body awake and ready. As an Omaha Certified Personal Trainer I always advise my clients to warm up on the stair stepper or treadmill for 5 minutes prior to starting a weight training session. The main reason for a warm up is the body can be a well-oiled machine but it needs an idle time to wake up so it can offer you 100%. Much like a truck in the cold weather, you would want it to warm up before trying to drive it. If you tried to drive 60 MPH right after starting the truck it would hesitate as it is cold and needs time to let the fluids and parts warm up.

If Cardio is not your thing try some basic stretching exercises to get your body limber. I use foam rollers at my Omaha Fitness Gym for stretching. Warming up and stretching can help with joint pain, increase blood circulation, reduce pressure from tight muscles and prevent chance of injury.

Develop Muscle Balance

With my weight training clients I often include full body exercises like the ‘famous’ prowler, dead lifts/bench presses or kettle bells. Using the whole body during these exercises help to strengthen your core while providing equal pressure on your body. I will still have my clients at EPTSOMAHA.COM focus on one body area like legs or arms and mix full body exercises into the workout session. As a personal fitness trainer mixing up the workouts increases the level of stabilization, whole body strength and prevents my clients from experiencing burn out from doing the same activity over and over.

If you have a weak back a full body workout is perfect for you as the weight is applied throughout the body. I have several clients that have reduced or eliminated back pain by my weight training programs.

Train Hard and Listen To Your Body

As a certified personal trainer my two favorite clients are gym newbies dedicated to their workout and those I like to call ‘workout warriors’. Both train hard however the workout warriors like to come to Endless Possibilities Training Systems five to six days a week to train. I advise Omaha gym newbies to find a welcoming Omaha fitness location, write down your goals and start at beginners pace. This will reduce your chances of experiencing burn out and quitting. Starting at a slow pace does not give you permission to NOT train hard. Get familiar with your Omaha Fitness Center and those around you. If you are nervous about joining a gym consider hiring an Omaha Certified Personal Trainer like myself.  I will help you push your body to the limit without hurting yourself. A fitness program will make you exhausted and your body will be sore (that is the clue you are doing the workout routine correctly). Listen to your body and learn the difference between you hitting your max or your brain telling you, “No, I have nothing left”. Yes, there is a HUGE difference.

Do More than Cardio

I would be a millionaire if I had a penny from everyone woman that told me, “I don’t want to strength train (i.e. weight train) as I don’t want to get bulky. Instead I run on the treadmill to slim down”. Ladies, #1 Cardio is very important for any weight training plan. #2 Strength training will not make you bulky.  Strength training includes using heavy weights (depending on your level), weight machines or free weights, Cardio intense activities along with core body stretches. At my Omaha Fitness Center over 80% of my clients are women. I have several women that can bench press more than some of my men clients. They also love to flip the ‘famous’ tractor tires as it weighs more than they do. My point is that even if you strength train seven days a week you would not bulk up like a man would. Instead your body would lean out and form those scrumptious muscles you see on women that take working out serious.

Contact me today at (402) 290-3915 and learn more about how Endless Possibilities Training Systems can help you regarding a weight training program.