Our Personal Training Facility

When most folks walk in the door, they ask the same question you’ll probably ask, “Where’s all the weight machines and cardio equipment, what do you do with all those chains and boxes, and why does a gym need big rubber bands like that?”


Trust us, you won’t miss the machines. Take us up on that “free consultation” offer and you’ll see what we mean. Most people enjoy the variety of exercises, the way they feel using free weights instead of machines, and just how much fun it is to slam a sledgehammer down on a big rig tire.

Our facility size means you won’t run into a crowd of people here. At most, you’ll be in the gym with four other clients. Usually, it’s just you and your personal trainer, and maybe one or two other clients with their trainers.


We try to keep things pretty casual here (except for your training, of course). You’ll get to know other clients and trainers. It’s a supportive environment as well. You’ll never be yelled at, nobody named Sven will sweat on you, and we keep the equipment clean.

In short, it’s everything you need in a gym, and nothing more. That means we can keep our fees low, so you can afford to train for the duration necessary for you to achieve your goals.

Call us at 402.290.3915 or use our Contact Form.

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