Tuesday Tummy by Omaha Personal Trainer

March 27, 2012

Welcome back for Tummy Tuesday by Certified Omaha Personal Trainer with Endless Possibilities Training Systems. Last week within Part 1 of Tummy Tuesday we learned: abs will not appear overnight, if you don’t get rid of those love handles a million crunches will not help that killer-six pack appear and you can’t buy Ryan Reynolds abs from a magazine.

This week Tummy Tuesday Part 2 answers the popular question, “Why does my boyfriend get faster fitness results than I do?” You will understand why everyone needs an intense weight training program. Ladies, this is an important section for you! Intense weight training is NOT only for men! Hope you enjoy the following feedback from our Certified Omaha Personal Trainer.

Abs love men

Women always ask the following question, “Why does my boyfriend get faster fitness results than I do?” Let’s face it men do get results faster than women when it comes to losing weight, gaining strength and even building abs. The main reason is when a man decides to perform a fitness plan, meal plan or change a habit it is immediate. Men don’t have cravings and they have a magical power called testosterone which helps burn fat!  I am not stating this to make ladies quit an Omaha personal training plan. I am helping you understand that men and women are built differently. Women need a higher level of body fat to function properly which can make it harder for women to get lower levels of body fat to accomplish the killer six-pack. Ladies you can obtain amazing abs, just be dedicated that means no more excuses or cheat moments! Yes, I realize that there are days that require chocolate, but realize that you have to make scarifies you might not like to reach the goal you want.  Track and watch everything that goes into your mouth.

Cardio is your friend but intense weight training is your lover

As mentioned above to receive a six-pack you have to eliminate the layers of fat within your midsection. Now, there are several gym warriors out there that swear that Cardio is the only way to burn layers of fat, but at EPTS we believe differently. Personally, I don’t like to run. If you know me you have heard me state that my body is not made for running. Some people are made for running and should enjoy doing Cardio: outside running, bicycle, skating and such. I personally love intense weight training; after all I am a certified personal trainer so I do this daily along with my clients. Cardio training will help you burn calories over time but intensive weight training will burn at a higher speed and fat loss will happen over the entire day or multiple days versus cardio weight loss is immediate. If you decide to eliminate cardio completely you might need to tighten up your meal plan due to not burning calories within the cardio section of your fitness plan.

Killer Six-Pack Abs vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger Strength

Building strength within your mid-section will help to prevent injuries and perform weight living activities better but realize that it is not required to develop a six-pack. Why you ask? People who have very little body fat will develop their abdominals better even if they don’t have strength in their midsection. This happens a lot with boys who haven’t accumulated body fat around their stomach areas. So you don’t need to be an Arnold Schwarzenegger to develop abs however it might help with the ladies!

Six Pack Maintenance Required

As an Omaha Certified Personal Trainer I tell my clients time and time again once a goal is achieved you never stop. You will create a new goal by focusing on another section of your body while maintaining the goal you just accomplished. Yes, there is maintenance needed to ensure all your hard work with that killer six-pack doesn’t turn back into a keg in the making. When you see the results you are looking to accomplish it is easy to get lazy. To prevent those killer abs from going away be sure to eat clean on a continual basis and perform maintenance exercises. Getting great abs is by far the hardest battle but don’t think that once they are achieved it is all easy cheesy. Maintain those killer abs and make all that hard work count for something.

Conclusion: Call EPTS Team Today!

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