Tummy Tuesday by Omaha Personal Trainer

March 20, 2012

Several people crave to have a killer six-pack like ‘The Situation’ but have no idea what it takes to achieve. Getting a killer six-pack takes a intense workout routine, a clean diet and a dedication that goes beyond hitting the gym two times a week.

As an Omaha Personal Trainer at Endless Possibilities Training Systems, I have provided four ab expectations from my part one Tummy Tuesday education section. Over the next few weeks I will help answer basic questions like, “How do I trade in my keg of a tummy and get a full six pack of light beer?” and “Will I ever get magazine abs?”

First, realize that abs will not appear overnight!

The only way you can get a six-pack overnight is to lift your shirt and draw horizontal lines across your belly with a magic marker. Yep, that’s right! It is called art for a reason and you will surely get what you want. Unfortunately, as soon as you wash of your tummy those sexy man-made abs will disappear. Gaining abs will take some time unless you are starting with very low body fat out the gate. Realize that abs take time to build, the great news is if you keep up maintenance they won’t disappear overnight.

Crunches with stomach fat don’t always help!

Doing 100 crunches while you’re overweight will not help you develop abs like you expect. In fact crunches burn very few calories per minute. Crunches do help to build strength but if you don’t do cardio or a high intense weight program along with a good diet abs will have a hard time appearing under a layer of fat. Focus on Cardio or other high calorie burning exercises like a high intense weight program to get the layer of fat eliminated. Then you will see the abs that have developed.

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You can’t buy abs out of a magazine!

Having a motivational picture of a model in a magazine for your ‘ideal’ abs is great. Understand that you cannot order abs out of a magazine. Everybody is made up genetically different so don’t get discouraged if your abs are not like the photo. Some people have pop out abs, others have a very large split down the center that makes definition, many people have a large top abs, etc. Abs develop differently with every person even with using the same abs technique exercises. Again, it is great to select a picture and motivate that you want abs just don’t kick yourself if you run into the situation of not having what is in the picture. The goal is for you to have a killer six-pack of your own!

Low Carb is NOT the only way!

The meal plan rave that is here to stay is ‘Low-Carb’. Several people are under the perception they have to consume ONLY low-carb food to get results in the abs section. This is NOT 100% true. Low-carb meals do offer many benefits like hunger control and water retention however for some people it is not always the best game plan. If you find that your body is not reacting to the low-carb meal correctly (i.e. you start to feel horrible and sluggish without carbs) then modify your meal plan to consume carbs early in the day. You will still have enough time to burn off the carbs, keep your body satisfied and pop a six-pack.

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