EPTS Clients’ Getting Results – Weight Loss Success Story of Jaime Kobs

May 30, 2012

Getting results in and out of the gym can be downright difficult. There will be challenges with any weight loss plan and you can guarantee that you will be tested to your limits with or without a weight trainer. Losing weight requires us to hold ourselves accountable inside and outside of the gym in order to meet the short and long terms goals we have set. Today we are going to share a success story of Bret Carter’s client, Jaime Kobs, who had less than six weeks to lose 40 lbs to fit into her wedding dress. Jaime is a mother, career woman and newlywed who took her body to the limit, mastered her inner workout diva and has become a success story for so many clients at Endless Possibilities Training Systems.

Jaime Kobs’ Journey with Endless Possibilities Training Systems

Jaime was referred to Bret Carter, Co-Owner and Certified Weight Trainer, at EPTS by a co-worker who achieved amazing results by using Bret’s weight training programs. The first time meeting Bret, Jaime was impressed not only by his flexibility for scheduling training sessions (some as early as 5am and as late as 9pm) but also his immediate dedication to her goal of needing to lose at least 40lbs within six weeks. Bret provided Jaime guidance on the correct nutrition that would help assist the weight loss along with providing an idea of the amount of Cardio needed to meet her weight loss goal within her aggressive time frame. Jaime soon became a motivation story for Bret’s other clients looking to lose weight. It is of no surprise that Jaime met her weight loss goal with the constant hard work and dedication she had to losing weight.

How Endless Possibilities Training Systems is Different!

Jaime felt a comfort working out at the EPTS facility as it was not like any other gym that offer only exercise machines. EPTS specializes in a variation of free form tools and weights such as tractor tires, throwing ropes, and the famous prowler. The free form exercises help each person strengthen their body based on their own range of motion as every “body” is different, verses using a machine that can cause injuries. EPTS offers one-on-one personal training that encourages working your butt off, literary. Jaime states, “No one really cares that you are sweating your butt off or that you are bright red in the face, like some gyms!” There is an intimacy that provides you the environment to workout hard, while staying motivated, as the certified personal trainers at EPTS offer different workout styles every session.

Everyone needs a motivation story to keep you going. We will continue to share success stories like Jaime Kobs over the next few weeks. As mentioned before working out is not always easy. If it was, EVERYONE would be doing it. We will be sharing the truth of why these clients came looking to lose weight, the challenges they were faced with during their weight loss journey, and motivating tips that kept them coming back even when it was hard. We hope you can gain some confidence knowing that you are NOT the only one in this weight loss battle. Several people had different “why’s” for losing weight but the one thing EVERYONE has in common is that their goal is to be healthier.

Conclusion: Call EPTS Team Today!

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