Over the last few years Omaha Weight Training has become the new trend. I am an Omaha Certified Personal Trainer at Endless Possibilities Training Systems. Below I have provided a few tips to keep your body in balance while performing an intense weight training program. If you have any questions regarding how to start a weight training program feel free to contact me today.


Warming up is the 1st and most important step to any weight training program. Cardio is a great warm up exercise as it gets your body awake and ready. As an Omaha Certified Personal Trainer I always advise my clients to warm up on the stair stepper or treadmill for 5 minutes prior to starting a weight training session. The main reason for a warm up is the body can be a well-oiled machine but it needs an idle time to wake up so it can offer you 100%. Much like a truck in the cold

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Yo YoDo you ever catch yourself doing the Yo-Yo? I am not referring to “Rock the baby” where you construct a cradle while having the yo-yo hang neatly in the middle of the triangle string. I mean do you find your weight going up and down no matter what diet, pill or exercise you are doing?

We have been lead to believe that getting the body of movie stars can be achieved by drinking a 24 hour miracle drink or shaking a product on our food without changing our eating habits. With the ads on TV we are shown instant results without direction on the fitness and exercise that needs to take place. Many view working out as a once-in-a while thing to fit into that wedding dress or temporary make yourself feel better and it needs to be a lifestyle habit. There is no

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