A Competitive Edge

Here’s something a little different. Most personal trainers have no problem challenging their clients, but how many certified trainers challenge themselves?

We put our training methods…and ourselves…on the line. As certified trainers, it’s one thing to put clients through a workout. It’s another when our trainers use the same techniques to train for powerlifting competitions, 10k runs, triathlons, swimming or soccer.

Now, you may never run a marathon or deadlift 400 pounds. We just feel that if we’re going to be telling you to put down the potato chips, get off the couch, set some goals, and change your life, we’ll sound a little more convincing if we do it ourselves. Hopefully, we’ll inspire you just a little…and bring out your “inner athlete.”

Bret competing in the 100% RAW Federation Nebraska Powerlifting Championships


Kurt performing a deadlift in the 100% RAW Federation  Nebraska Powerlifting Championships