Kick Start Your Athletic Season with These Coaching Tips

January 6, 2015
EPTS_Athletic Season Coaching TipsAs Omaha certified personal trainers, we know from extensive experience that there’s no reason to wait for a specific date to begin your athletic training. Although plenty of athletes in Omaha will tell themselves that they can wait until the new season starts to strength train, this approach rarely works as they will not see the results in speed and strength gains they’re looking for. What’s more effective is deciding to hire a strength and speed coach today. At Endless Possibilities Training Systems, we understand that getting started with strength and speed coach is a challenge outside of your season. That’s why we invest so much time and energy into finding exactly what works best for athletes to keep them motivated. Our goal is to provide a mixture of equipment, exercise styles to keep your mind on point while helping you gain strength and speed. At EPTS, we strength coach all different types of athletes and have found a niche in helping football players or elite athletes in meeting and exceeding their overall goals. If you want to get a better idea of how our Omaha certified personal trainers can help you reach your athletic goals, here’s a look at a handful of proven tips to kick start your journey to building strength or speed:

Omaha Certified Personal Trainers Know Consistency and Small Changes Add Up

One of the most common mistakes that athletes in Omaha make when they decide to start strength and speed training is thinking they have to spend way too much time in the gym. Since that usually just leads to burnout, a much better approach is to start with 45-60 minute intense workouts. As long as you’re focused and keep your intensity up, you can accomplish a lot in this amount of time. And the results from staying consistent will really add up. The same concept applies to improving eating habits. Instead of completely changing how you eat overnight, (forget amount the binge eating off-season) look for areas where you can make better choices on or off season.

Extra Advice from Endless Possibilities Training Systems in Omaha

If you’re having trouble figuring out what you should do during your off-season, a strength and certified personal trainer can help you. Not only will a trainer put you on the right track and provide you with ongoing exercise variety, but they will also give you the support you need to succeed. By putting yourself in the best position and environment to gain strength and speed, you’ll find that you can turn your athletic dreams into a reality.

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