Endless Possibilities Training Fees

We’re confident that our fees are among the most competitive in the Omaha area, and encourage you to compare our rates with those of the “big gyms” (we’re about 40% less, with no membership fees), and other trainers.

Our fee schedule encourages you to train for a long time — nothing wrong with that, is there? After all, you didn’t get that belly overnight, and it isn’t going away overnight, either. We want our clients to understand that this takes work, and it takes some time.

Individualized Personal Training Starting At:

Single 50 minute session: $65/session $65
Ten 50 minute sessions: $55/session $550
Twenty 50 minute sessions: $50/session $1,000
Thirty 50 minute sessions: $45/session $1,350
Single 30 minute session: $40/session $40
Ten 30 minute sessions: $35/session $350
Twenty 30 minute sessions: $30/session $600
Thirty 30 minute sessions: $25/session $750


Monthly payment options are available.

All 50 minute training sessions for students (up to 22 years of age) are $40 per session regardless of number of sessions purchased.

Payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, Discover, check and cash.


Corporate Training

Want your company to pay for your personal training? Hey, we don’t care who pays for it, so send your HR represesntative an email with our domain name and have them give us a call. We’ll put together a tailored proposal that will benefit you, your fellow employees, and your organization!


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